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Where do pandas live?

Where are the pandas on your map?

panda map search for kids.

Have you ever wanted to show you child, on a map, where certain animals live, like the, oh so cute, panda? Or the mighty scary tiger?

Find any animal easily with the Globe Spotter animal world map for kids!

Find the panda on the Globe Spotter world map!

panda map search for kids.


Look up the panda in the free animal guide that comes with every world map.

It says the panda is on the Asian continent.
The Asian contient is color coded yellow...
Let's find out where the panda is on the map!

We've also just learned that the panda eats for most of its day and poops a lot!


Once we find the Asian continent on the Globe Spotter World Map, we can dive in to find out exactly where the panda lives...

The giant panda lives in the wild in Northern China. And it is doing what it loves most: eating bamboo!

panda finding world map

panda map for kids.

panda map search for kids.

We've also covered where tigers and elephants live, so don't hesitate to check those helper blog posts out!

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