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Map of animals around the world.

A fun animal spotting map.

Peekaboo, hide-and-seek, I-Spy… All these games are all-time favourites. The Globe Spotter map is all about finding animals in a vast and beautifully illustrated world. This world map has children learning by doing what they know and love: observing and finding.

map of animals around the world for kids.


The Globe Spotter world map is hand-drawn and in the decor are 250 wild animals, some easier to find than others.

The beautifully intricate map is a pleasure to look at and children will enjoy getting lost in all its wondrous details, however there is a quest to be made, an animal spotting quest.

Children are guided along with the free animal spotting book.

Free with every Globe Spotter world map comes an animal spotting guide: the “World Bestiary”. It’s a notebook that guides children through the 6 continents with an animal finding quest.

map of animals around the world for kids.


The free guide that come with the Globe Spotter world map encourages children seek and draw animals or even write down their location using latitudes and longitudes and countries. A simple box tick is also available and useful for younger children who can't write or read yet.

map with world animals for children.


For those who enjoy reading and learning about animals, the free world map animal guide book offers a fun fact for every animal on the map. That’s over 250 fun animal facts that children will learn and share with you and their friends.

Of all the animals in the world, do you know which has the thickest fur?

World map with the animals for kids.

And let's not forget the sea animals!

Because our oceans home over 90% of all animal life on Earth, the Globe spotter world map has a huge section dedicated to aquatic animals. This ocean quest will help children familiarise themselves with the name and location of every sea and ocean.

Sea animals world map for kids poster.

Section of the Globe Spotter sea animal world map for kids bedroom.

We've also covered where tigers, elephants and pandas live, so don't hesitate to check those helper blog posts out!

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