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Learning the 195 countries of the world.

Where to go, what to visit?

The Globe Spotter world map for children lists the 195 countries that are recognised by the United Nations.


This world map is not about borders and geopolitics, no, it’s about freedom, nature, and it has the aim to make children feel at home everywhere and anywhere on the globe.

However, even if there are no border lines, 195 countries are listed and numbered on the map. There are 6 colour coded cartouches at the bottom of the map that represent the 6 continents. Each cartouche lists the countries present the continent it represents.

map of world countries for kids.

maps of the countries with activity for kids.


The way the Globe Spotter world map will work depends on the age of the child. Children under the age of 6 might just complete the animal spotting activity by using continent names or box ticks. Older children will want to find and record the country, latitude and longitude, of where they found the hidden animal.
This unique world map is has a lot to teach and is made to be accessible and useful to all children aged 3 to 12.

The world is your oyster!

The point of the Globe Spotter world map is to be a never ending source of discovery.
Children at age 3 will see things and a year later will re-discover their map as they notice new elements.
Learning the countries of the world is good, but the process begins by familiarising yourself with the globe, the oceans, the continents…

The Globe Spotter world map and its animal spotting guide book leads children to explore their world a step at a time.

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