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Learning about the biomes for kids.

7 major biomes to be discovered.

The Globe Spotter world map for children is illustrated to educate children on the seven major biomes of our planet. Each biome is precious as it inhabits specific species that are often only present in this biome.
A biome is a place with specific conditions like its location on the globe and its meteorological conditions which define and form the type of biome.


The different biomes of the world are clearly indicated on the map in the form of simple coloured icons such as trees or grasses.

The seven cartouches on the top left corner of the map explain the difference between Earth’s biomes with the accompanying graphic legend.

map of world with biomes for kids.

A clear overview of all biomes.

Because every biome is depicted using a clear colour and type of tree or shrub, children can very easily get a global idea of how the biomes are distributed around the world.

The seven biomes present on the Globe Spotter world map are:


map of world with biomes for kids.

Grassland biomes are areas that are dominated and covered by various grass species. This is the result of the perfect amount of rain to allow root plants to thrive while still not being enough for larger plants like trees to grow.


map of world with biomes for kids.

The Taiga is a biome characterized by coniferous forests consisting mostly of pines, spruces, and larches. The taiga is the world's largest land biome


map of world with biomes for kids.

The tundra is a treeless desert found near the poles. It suffers long, dry winters with months of total darkness and extremely cold temperatures.


map of world with biomes for kids.

The marine biome is the largest biome in the world. The Marine biome is, essentially, an oceanic ecosystem.


map of world with biomes for kids.

The Tropical biome includes forests, savannas, mosaics of forest-crop and forest-savanna, woodlands and other plant formations. It's a very rich biome for a large variety of animals to thrive in.


map of world with biomes for kids.

In the Temperate biome, Summer and winter are generally moderate, rather than having extreme differences. This allows for many types of habitats, including leafy forests and grasslands.


map of world with biomes for kids.

The Desert biome receives a low level of rainfall each year. Deserts cover about 20% of the Earth. Deserts inhabit specific plants and animals that are able to survive there.

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