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Finally, a kid friendly world map!

A world made accessible.

Have you ever wondered how to get your child or young pupils interested in learning the geography of our world?

Drawn to inspire children, to bring beauty and fun into their lives and to guide them through a wonderfully vibrant and lively world, the Globe Spotter kids world map is unique.

The world map + animal spotting guide booklet offer an unrivalled learning experience as the child travels the 6 continents to find and learn about the animals of this world.

Children deserve the best and this world map was drawn with intricate details to feed their sharp minds and prodigious imagination.

Best animal world map for kids


Read the fun facts.

world-map-for-kids-with-bookThere is a lot to learn once the worldwide animal spotting journey starts.
We cover a wide range of topics, but one that is sure to get little eyes reading is the animal fun facts.
Kids will learn facts on over 250 animals hidden on the world map.

Find the animals.

Best animal world map for kidsThe Globe Spotter map isn’t just about finding animals; countries, latitudes, longitudes and tardigrades are all part of this fun quest.

Record findings.

kid animal finder world map with activity book.Children assimilate new information with more certainty when they write it down. The activity book invites children to write down the location of the animals or to draw the animals they have found on their world map.

Share with the family.

Fun and interactive animal world wall map for kidsAnd what better way to retain information than to share it? Because the world map will be in constant view, your child will share their findings with you. Ask them about their Globe Spotting journey and you too might learn a thing or two.

The great advantage of the Globe Spotter world map is that is covers a wide range of topics using simple and fun animal spotting activities.

Follow this link for a detailed list of the topics kids will learn about with their world map


kid world wall map for bedroom.

Buy this fun world map for your kid