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A world map to learn about the oceans.

Dive into the oceans of the world.

The Oceans cover 70% of the planet and home 90% of all life on Earth!
The Oceans are a great place to explore. Over 100 aquatic animals are waiting to be discovered on the Globe Spotter world map.
Find these amazing animals and, before you know it, you’ll know the location of all the Oceans and seas of our world!


Inside the guide book that accompanies the Globe Spotter children's world map is a quest dedicated to the Oceans.

We’ve hidden over 100 marine animals in the world map for children to find!

We encourage children to take note of where the animal was on the world map. This "read-search-write" process helps children memorise the location of our Oceans effortlessly.

Map of the oceans for kids


The Globe Spotter world map shows the Oceans of our planet full of life, with animals galore, all doing their thing in their environment. The aquatic animals on the world map are all illustrated in their correct global habitat.

Some animals are easy to find, others are lurking in the depths and will require a sharp eye to be identified!

The Ocean animal spotting quest is as vast as our Oceans and is sure to make children want to know more about that exciting biome.

Map of the oceans for kids

Let's not forget the Ocean fun facts!

Map of the oceans and animals for kids

Children adore animal fun facts. They like to teach us parents about animal fun facts, share animal facts with their piers, recite facts in bed before sleep…

We also know that fun facts are a great way to keep children entertained and so we’ve gorged our world map guide book with them.

Every listed animal in the world map book comes with its very own fun fact.
For example, did you know that the giant cuttlefish had 3 hearts?

Would you like to know more interesting animal and ocean facts? Well then, it's time to treat your child to an epic animal hunting journey around the globe!