Are you ready to discover the world?

Best children learning world map with animals and free animal spotting guide!

Did you know that we share this planet with over

8.7 Million other species !

The Globe Spotter’s animal world map is the first step in discovering the world’s wildlife.
Over 250 creatures are waiting to be found on the map.

World map + activity book.

Children learn fast when they are having fun.

The Globe Spotter world map is unique in its style and pedagogy as it teaches children the world’s geography through a fun animal hunt around the 6 continents.

Every map comes with its activity book that will guide children through the animal spotting journey.

Fun animal world map for kids with activity book to spot animal.

The advantages of an interactive map.

All children are playful explorers who adore animals. The Globe Spotter world map familiarises children with the world’s geography by making the most of their inquisitive nature.

The association of a range of actions allows for a smooth learning experience.

(with activity book)

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